About Save Our Schools

We are a group of supporters of free, democratically-controlled, and equitable public education in Little Rock, AR, USA.Our campaign’s mission is to restore local control of the Little Rock School District and to ensure that parents, caregivers, and the local community have a voice in determining the future of our city’s public schools. We believe free and equitable public education is a foundation of democracy and essential to the success of our communities.

We will stop at nothing to ensure all children of Little Rock, especially the most vulnerable ones – special needs, disabled, low-income, foster children, immigrants, and children of color, receive a quality public education and are well-equipped to succeed.

We stand firmly against the undemocratic state-takeover of the Little Rock School District.

We stand against the state’s transparent privatization and charter school agenda, which leaches funds from traditional public schools in the name of “progress,” while lining the pockets of Walton family-backed lobbyists.

We stand against school closures and diversions of funds that adversely affect the district’s poorest and most vulnerable students.

We believe in a holistic, community school-based approach that includes targeted parent involvement, health and social services, and community partnerships. Please join us in our fight to regain local control of our schools. Help us make our children the top priority.